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Log hours and dangerous game encounters under an experienced mentor on a Primitive Trail. Read more about our unique Mentorship Trails.


Our authentic Walking Safaris are leading the revival of holistic nature based experiences in southern Africa. Read more about our exciting Trails.


We offer three FGASA accredited courses including the ultimate Trails Guide Course. Read more about our life-changing Courses.


We’re an experienced team of FGASA assessors that specialise in ARH and Trails Guide assessments. Read more about our selection of Assessments.

Primitive ‘Yoga’ Trail

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Brenden Pienaar
Brenden Pienaar

Brenden has been conducting multi-day trails in the Greater Kruger National Park for the past fifteen years. In conjunction with a BTech Nature Conservation and MSc Ecology, Brenden has achieved the FGASA Specialist Knowledge & Skills (SKS) qualifications for Dangerous Game and Birding. He is a qualified Tracker Level 3 (CyberTracker) and enthusiastic botanist.

Brenden’s relevant field experience (incl. > 11 000 walking hours) has acquainted him with the biological diversity and ecological processes of the Lowveld Savanna exceptionally well. It is based on this experience and knowledge that he acts as assessor for CATHSSETA & FGASA.

Brenden’s calm nature and ability to interpret the inter-connectedness of the natural environment makes him a popular trail leader. He deeply values the concept and philosophy of wilderness and it’s associated attributes.

Wayne Te Brake
Wayne Te Brake

Wayne is a Wilderness Trails Guide with more than 15 years of experience in the Nature Conservation and Field Guiding industry. Along with his degree in Nature Conservation, he has obtained the FGASA Specialist Knowledge & Skills (SKS) Dangerous Game and Birding qualification as well as the Tracker Level 3 through CyberTracker. Wayne is a registered CATHSSETA and FGASA assessor.

Over the last number of years, the majority of his time has been spent leading Backpack Trails in the Kruger National Park. With the advent of Lowveld Trails Company, Wayne’s focus has shifted to guiding Primitive Trails and training young Trails Guides in the Private Nature Reserves bordering the Kruger National Park.

Wayne has a calm and relaxed nature, which rubs off on clients and students, making him a popular guide and trainer. With his deep Wilderness connection, and a special interest in tracking and botany, time spent with him in the bush is always rewarding.