The ‘Back-Up Trails Guide Course’ (22 Days).

Take the exciting next step along your Field Guiding career during which you will be taught how to conduct guided walking safaris in a dangerous game environment. To be eligible for this course, you must already have a Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) Field Guide qualification and relevant Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC) Unit Standards. Contact us directly for assistance.

We use two properties for this course, with the main requirement being a great density of Big Game, as you will need to encounter potentially dangerous creatures on foot multiple times to achieve the criteria required by FGASA.

Many hours will be filled with lectures on the behaviour of potentially dangerous animals and how to view them safely and considerately. However, this being said, most of your time will be spent walking trails, experiencing African Big Game on foot, and becoming proficient in the art of surviving the day to day traffic of the bush. Your expert facilitators have an accumulation of thousands of hours of experience to share. Training takes place within the open Kruger National Park eco-system where you are likely to encounter (among others) Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Buffalo and Elephant multiple times.

Your accommodation is a rustic tented camp, while the assessment will take place on a ‘Primitive Trail’ over a three day period. We only offer 8 spaces on this exciting course, which will take place over a period of 22 days.

Download the 2019 Back-Up Trails Guide Course Brochure for more information.

“You will truly be walking with some of the very best Trails Guides in southern Africa. This is an opportunity not to be missed.” – a FGASA Scout

You will have the opportunity to complete:
• FGASA Back-Up Trails Guide theory lectures.
• FGASA Back-Up Trails Guide theory exam.
• FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) assessments.
• A minimum of 50 walking hours in a potentially dangerous game area.
• A minimum of 10 encounters with potentially dangerous game.
• FGASA Back-Up Trails Guide practical assessment.

The scheduled course departures for 2019 are 12 March & 2 November (22 days each). 

2019 Cost: ZAR 32 650.

Download the 2020 Apprentice Trails Guide Course Brochure for next years scheduled dates & reservations.

FGASA Field Guide Course (60 Days).

Want to test the waters in the career of Field Guiding? Trying to get a foot in the door or just looking for an awesome African experience… then this is perfect for you. Live and train in one of South Africa’s best known wildlife areas while on the Introductory Field Guiding course. Get a taste for what it would be like to be a Field Guide and get exposed to local wildlife while learning all about southern African fauna and flora, sleeping out under the stars, trying your hand at driving 4×4 vehicles, learning to interpret tracks and signs of animals and having wildlife viewing beyond your expectations! All this while at the same time increasing your chances for employment within the wildlife conservation industry by adding relevant qualification, skills and experiences to your CV. This life-changing experience will be an awesome adventure and the stepping stone you need to increase your knowledge, broaden your horizons and assist you in choosing the career of your dreams

This 60-day experience takes place within the Greater Kruger National Park, during which all students will be given the opportunity to qualify as an accredited Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) Field Guide, Level 1 First Aider and a CyberTracker Tracker.

The scheduled course departures for 2019 are 10 January & September (60 days).

FGASA Field Guide Course (23 or 50 Weeks).

Become a Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) accredited Field Guide and fast forward your career when you spend 23 or 50 weeks training in the iconic South African Lowveld; arguably the best wildlife location in the country. You will gain skills and qualifications applicable to many environmental-based careers with an optional placement to give you the opportunity to gain experience and secure the best possible start to your career. This comprehensive Field Guide Course is the ideal platform for a successful career in the challenging safari industry. Content is both theoretical and practical, with an optional six-month work experience placement program as part of the 50 week course. Gain guiding experience at a variety of game lodges and large mammal research programs around South Africa, which can be logged towards gaining higher FGASA qualifications. The course is taught at a FGASA Advanced Field Guide knowledge base and the curriculum includes an in-depth training in flora and flora identification, guiding principles and bush qualifications such as First Aid level 2, Firearm competency & tracking.

The scheduled course departures for 2019 are 07 January & 08 July (23 and 50 weeks).

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