George B. Shaw summed up the current status of the Trail Guides’ Brief when he said; “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”. This greatly neglected, yet critical discussion between the Lead and Back-Up Trail Guides before a walking safari should include standard operational procedures (SOP’s) or ‘golden commands’ for a sudden situation or dangerous encounter.

The gnarled, exposed roots of two large Apple-leaf trees provided us with a suitable bench. Recent tracks of Buffalo and Elephant at their base further suggested that the misshapen trees were well used scratching posts. We were having lunch beside Mabandi spring on the Lonely Bull Backpack Trail in Kruger […]

Ask any Trails Guide about the weather conditions they least enjoy, and the majority of answers will involve wind. Firstly, animals seem to vanish, seeking out dense cover and thick bush to avoid the blustery conditions. Most importantly though, our sense of hearing disappears, as the constant background noise of […]

Aboriginal Australians have developed, and are bound by, highly complex belief systems that interconnects the land, spirituality, law, social life and care of the environment. These Traditional people share a common belief in the creation or “Dreaming”. The creation myths tell of legendary totemic beings who wander over the continent […]

The Native American Chief Seattle (Si’ahl) was born in 1780 and became a much respected leader of the Duwamish (Dkhw’Duw’Absh) tribe. He was, without doubt, a prominent figure among his people and pursued a path of accommodation to European settlers. His body was returned to the Earth on 7 June […]