There seems to be an urgent longing by the human psyche, conscious or subconscious as it may be, to experience a connectedness with nature that we have been deprived of since we have become ‘civilised’. It is therefore not surprising that a surge of modern beings are using walking safaris as a vessel to escape civilisation’s clatter as they go in search of serenity. The Lowveld Trails Co. expertly facilitates reconnection with nature during the ultimate ‘back-to-basics’ walking safari. Choose between the ‘Primitive’ or ‘Tented Camp’ trail experience.

See Wayne & Brenden in action as they track down Cape Buffalo.

The Primitive Trail Experience

Our Primitve Trails will expose you to the fine detail, the grandeur of the landscape and the thrill of moving among large mammals. Well beyond an activity, it is a fully immersive experience that permits participation in nature as opposed to traditional spectatorship. It is real, visceral and completely authentic.

Lead by professional wilderness trails guides, with thousands of trails hours experience each, you will spend three self sufficient nights (four days) in the wild. By carrying all your equipment on your back, you’ll enter a world accessible to a privileged few. There are no demarcated campsites or routes for these trails. You set your own pace and explore according to your interests and capabilities, sleeping at a pristine site under the stars each night (no tents) and packing up in the morning to leave no-trace. The only restricting factors are the availability of water and the midday sun. During the summer months when water is plentiful, you’ll collect from pools in non-perennial rivers and depressions or pans in the veld. Once the dry winter months arrive, the guides will lead you to natural springs or follow Elephants to where they dig for subterranean water in dry riverbeds.

These trails never fail to positively impact anyone who chooses to participate.

Our Primitive Trails take place across exclusive properties in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve (Greater Kruger National Park) and are restricted to group booking. Primitive Trails are limited to 8 persons with a group cost from ZAR 25 500. Download the 2019 Primitive Trail Infographic for more information.

Download the 2020 Primitive Trail Infographic for 2020 reservations.

The Tented Camp Trail Experience

Our Tented Camp is operated out of the central Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, which is open to the Kruger National Park. This basic unfenced camp is erected under giant Jackalberry trees along a dry riverbed prior to each trail and completely removed upon departure, assuring minimum impact and therefore leaving no-trace. There is no electricity, mobile phone signal or WiFi, but we trust that you’ll find a strong connection.

Canvas dome tents house two trailists each. A mattress and pillow is provided, so bring along your sleeping bag and required bedding. The camp communal area is around the campfire or at the kitchen area where wholesome meals are whipped up on a gas cooker and an open flame. Ablutions are simple, yet unmatched. Specially designed seats stoop over pit-fall toilets while bush showers, covered by canvas, hang from trees and open onto splendid views of the surrounding bush.

The area is classic Big Game country, with healthy populations of all Big 5 members being present. Experienced wilderness trails guides facilitate a holistic nature experience over the four days and three nights.

A typical day starts with a wake-up call prior to sunrise. As the birds announce the approaching day, we enjoy coffee and rusks before heading out on a 4 to 5 hour walk, as soon as sufficient daylight allows. We return to camp around midday for a well-earned brunch, before the daily debrief and a few hours free to shower, read or take a nap. A late (light) lunch is served at around 3pm, before we head off into the wildness again for a 2 to 3 hour walk. Dinner and a crackling campfire awaits back at camp, usually followed by an open air shower and an early night after an eventful  day.

Our Tented Camp Trails are restricted to group booking (limited to 8 persons) with fully-catered (from ZAR 54 900) and self-catered (from ZAR 45 000) options. Download the Tented Camp Trail Infographic for more information.

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